Greyhound Coarse Pocket Comb

SKU #: gryhndcrs

Greyhound Brat pocket coarse comb



Each Greyhound comb has been enhanced with a brightly colored "anti static" coating. The coating also makes the comb glide smoothly through the coat in addition to taking care of mats and knots. The combs are still handmade in England. The Greyhound Comb is made of brass and tapered carbon steel pins that cannot bend or fall out, a process that has never changed. The comb is handmade, pin by pin, and then polished by hand. For the final finish the combs are then nickel plated, then shipped to the United States where they gain their final coating and engraving. Once again this is done by hand. The Brat coarse comb is 4 1/2 inches long with 1 1/8 inch long teeth with wide teeth spacing.