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Both of my cats are in LOVE with their new toys! These toys are handmade in the USA, stuffed with 100% catnip and very colorful!! Thank you for helping make my cats super happy with mom!
I highly recommend these toys over any import or store bought ones!
- Rachel Chester, FL

Hi! We rec'd our order from Amazon. You had included one your new products, the Kitty Crinkle Toy and I must tell you my cats went crazy over them! They were a hit and they were very thankful you sent them cause they knew what was in the package, they were rubbing all over the package but the pillows are for their Christmas presents, so they got a treat with your crinkle toys!!
- Candace Smith

The quality is just what I expected. The colors are vibrant and our kitty loves playing with this bag of catnip! would definitely recommend!
- Sharon Fisoher

I wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service you provided on my recent order. I received it today and I'm extremely pleased with all the items. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
- Jeanice

I received my tie-dyed catnip toys today, 12/30/11. I am extremely impressed that they arrived so quickly. Great customer service! The products are exactly as shown on your web site. My cats are going to love them! Thank you, and when my cats wear these out, I'll be glad to order from your company again. Happy New Years to you all.
- Mary

Thank you so much for sending my order so quickly. I just could not get over how fast it got here. The shirt is just beautiful and the mouse pad is so nice I feel like framing it. These things are for my best friend. We are both cat lovers. I will be ordering more very soon. Thank you
- Fran

Hello - Thanks so much for my quick order. And for reducing the shipping. I just received the cat nip. And put the sock on the ground and my cat LOVES it. She is licking it and hugging it. I think I will order some for my friends cats. I really appreciate you taking good care of me and will be ordering more soon.
Have a great day.
- Karin and Josie (the cat)

Hi - I just received my two bags. Thanks - they're gorgeous! - This is the first time I've purchased items over the internet from another country and I found this buying experience convenient and efficient - dealing with your company was a pleasure - I'll be doing more buying in the future, again - thanks
- Mary Wilson

I have to tell you I was a little skeptical about ordering this fabric from a "pet" company - thought it might smell like cats! HA! But, I have to tell you, this is the best customer service I have ever received online, and I do ALOT of my shopping at online fabric stores. The fabric is perfect, I couldn't ask for faster shipping! Well, I am just about speechless!! (Not quite!)
Thank you so much for your perfect products and the amazing service! You have a customer for life!
Warmest wishes to you all
- Vicky

OMG! I just received my Laurel Burch tote bag and I LOVE it! I just ordered it Wednesday, and here it is already, and it's only Saturday! Oh this is such a gorgeous tote bag, roomy and quality construction. The colors are absolutely beautiful and will go all the way into the fall season.
Oh, and by the way, you were CHEAPER than eBay!
Thanks sooooooooo much!
- Gayle

I placed an order with your company on Thursday, Nov 1, and to my surprise I received the package on Saturday, Nov 3. I was not only amazed at the fast delivery, but by the fact that Faith and Frankie were enticed by the package before I even opened it. After quickly opening the packaging, I gave each of my spoiled rotten babies one of your "Catnip Socks". I am not exaggerating by saying that they flipped over these new toys. They not only flipped, but flopped, rolled and scratched at these new toys until they were too pooped to play any longer. After a couple of hours of rest and a little snack for energy, they were back at play again with these WONDERFUL new play things. You now have a new loyal customer in me.
Most Sincerely,
- Debra

Just wanted to tell you how much my cats and friends' cats have enjoyed your catnip socks! I bought several recently in two pet stores in Los Gatos, and this morning I went to your website and see that you now have them available online!

They've been great fun so I'm sure I will get some more soon. Thank you!
- Patricia

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your catnip products! I first purchased your catnip "pillows" that were in a jar on the counter of a neighborhood pet store in Seattle, WA. I had given my cats catnip products before with little interest shown in them but they had a completely different reaction to your catnip products. The clear difference is the quality of the catnip used. I have never found such strong, aromatic catnip anywhere and believe me, I have searched high and low for the two years that they have been unavailable to me since leaving the Seattle area. Finally, I asked my new neighborhood pet store to call the store in Seattle to find out who the vendor was and their first shipment came in today! I was Johnny-on-the-spot upon their arrival and even helped them unpack the boxes. I even introduced them to other customers who were witnessing my unpacking frenzy because at last, I had been reunited with my cats all-time favorite catnip toys and once again, I would be their hero and they would be much, much happier kitties!!!
- Colleen

Oh my gosh!!! My cats LOVE your toys! When I got home from work, I asked my husband if we had any mail. He said a package came, but he had to hide it in the microwave because PC ( short for Porch Cat, which is where he used to hang out before we adopted him) had torn into the package!!! As I was opening the package, I had five very anxious kitties at my feet. PC went for the big sock, the other four cats each got a mouse. They are all so happy! Thanks for a wonderful product. We will be back to visit!!
- Sarah

My cat was delighted! This is the first catnip that I've bought for him that he paid any attention to! Wonderful product.
Thank you!
- Sally South

Hi Karen,
Got the catnip mice yesterday and oh my God, my furbabies went crazy!!! Definitely the best catnip toys I've ever gotten and I've bought alot of catnip toys over the years. I'm going to buy more from you and toss my old ones. Thank you from me and my furbabies Percy, Zoe and PatioCat.
- Patti Bost

To Whom It May Concern,
I just wanted to write a quick email to say that I had an excellent experience ordering from your website. I ordered Tuesday night and this Friday morning I found it in my mail box!! I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking for these types of products!!
- Marisa Kallie

We received the large pink catnip sock in the mail yesterday. IT IS AWESOME!!! Josephina was practically climbing my legs to get at it as I unwrapped it! She played with it, attacked it, hugged it, and literally rolled all over the floor in pure ecstasy. I would definitely recommend your products to anybody who loves their cat!!!!
- Lisa Ormston

Hi Karen,
My senior-citizen cat (15 years old) doesn't get excited about too much these days. However, when I opened your box yesterday, he materialized out of nowhere meowing at the top of his lungs! What is that stuff.... Cheech and Chong Columbian Premo catnip?????? ^..^
- Renee

I forget when we ordered. I think it was 2012. We bought two of your catnip socks. We always arrange the socks in a V-shape on the coffee table. Successive cats sleep within the V, as if the V forms some sort of Bermuda-triangle good-vibes region. It is our cats' favorite cuddle zone. These include cats where were not in the house simultaneously! The cats all do the same thing: nuzzle up within the V. It's uncanny.
After four years, the socks' catnip smell is still active. You must use industrial-strength, high-potency catnip liquid or something. They are "magic socks." The socks are all soiled and ratty, but we dare not wash them because that would ruin it for the cats, so we leave the socks be.
Highly recommended.
- Laura from Gilroy, CA

The Purrfect Gift for a Finicky Feline--Fragrant Catnip Mice from Johnson Pet Products

The Bottom Line If you're looking for a gift for that special (spoiled) feline, try a catnip mouse from Johnson Pet Products.

These are NOT your typical catnip mice, which have a scent so faint only a cat can detect it. These mice are FRAGRANT. The smarter pet stores keep them in a dry, airtight container and when you open the lid the pungent aroma wafts out. It's a powerful, but pleasing, scent--kinda like freshly dried, minty herbs. I like it. Cats LOVE it.

I've been buying these mice for years and given them to friends and coworkers as stocking stuffers. Everyone has been impressed at how fragrant they are--and how wild their cats are about them. Some cats will play with them for weeks or even months longer than they would the other type of mice.

These mice look handmade (but in a good way). They are made of bright fabric--either of a solid-colored corduroy or a flat-weave fabric with a pretty cat pattern--and they have ears and a tail made of felt. They don't have eyes or other features, which is good, the cats would only try to eat them. In fact, my friend's cat ate the tail off his mouse. MY cat found out how to gnaw through corduroy and ate part of the body--but she (thankfully) stopped doing that. (It doesn't seem like that would be good for them, but the cats didn't have any problems.) I've since warned my friends to watch their cats to be sure they won't try to eat the mice, but these two were the only ones that have tried. Most cats just grab them and try to rub them all over their body, often biting or licking the mice till soggy. I like to tie a string to a mouse and get the cat to chase it.

I mailed one to a friend as a surprise, but was disappointed that she didn't call me to say she got it. It turned out that her husband had brought in the mail and set it on the table. The cat found the envelope I sent, ripped it open and made off with the mouse. I had put the mouse in a plastic bag, but I guess it wasn't good enough. My friend did eventually call when she was tidying up and came across the empty envelope...

I also learned that it's not a good idea to put the mice in with other presents. I was wrapping a dress shirt for a friend and thought I'd stick a mouse in the box for his cat, so I wouldn't have to wrap it separately. I didn't bother to seal it in a bag. When he opened his gift, he removed the mouse and put it away, but didn't think to put the shirt away. Apparently a week of close contact with a very fragrant mouse made the shirt irresistible. His long-haired cat gave that shirt a LOT of happy attention--fortunately it wasn't anything that a thorough vacuuming and washing couldn't fix.

How to Get Them
To buy these mice you can either find a store that sells Johnson Pet Products, or you can order directly from their web site: www.johnsonpetproducts.com

In addition to the mice, the web site carries many other items for cats and humans. Other toys include: catnip pillows and catnip birdies (a small ball of catnip tied into a square of fabric). They also sell the high-grade catnip in 1 oz. and 1/2 oz. plastic containers. The prices seem reasonable: 1 oz. of catnip is $2, 2 mice are $6, plus shipping.

I ordered from the web site once and it was easy and straightforward. I got my order very quickly through the USPS. The web site says it uses PayPal to process orders--which had me concerned at first, as I didn't want to set up an account just to buy a few dollars worth of mice. Fortunately, PayPal also accepts credit cards, so it was like ordering through any other web site. You can also mail in an order and enclose a money order or cashier's check.

About Johnson Pet Products and the Catnip
Johnson Pet Products is located in San Jose. According to Karen Johnson, they don't grow the catnip themselves. However, they buy it directly from the grower and are particular about the freshness, cut, color and smell. The reason their catnip smells so much stronger than most is that they use the latest crop and will only take catnip that is made from the leaves and flowers--these have the highest oil content and strongest fragrance.

She said that the catnip that some other companies use can have a lot of ground-up stems and be a few years old. Also, some other manufacturers use fillers (such as cotton) and then add just a little catnip. Johnson doesn't use fillers. Their toys are stuffed only with this high-grade catnip.

How the catnip is stored will also affect its quality. It stays freshest if it is kept in a dry, airtight container, away from sun and heat.
- Reviewed by Joy M

Johnson Pet Products

Are you a retailer? We are the manufacturer of the catnip toys and will wholesale these items. Please go to www.jppcat.com to register your store or clinic, and purchase at wholesale pricing.

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